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Frequently Asked Questions

Project UX

Is this project right for me? 

Whether you are new to UX design or someone who has experience applying it professionally, Project UX offers a unique learning opportunity for any experience level. 


In this project, we will lay the foundation by teaching you enough of the theory to understand the methods and techniques

of the UX design framework. This knowledge will enable you to take any client brief and research, develop ideas, design interfaces, prototype and validate your concepts through user testing. 


The first-hand experience of applying UX design will help you better understand how long things take, what expertise is required and how to manage client and user expectations when developing a product collaboratively. 


For most participants, this will have a very positive impact on their confidence as it provides clarity. 

Do I need to know UX design to join Project UX?

No. We don’t expect participants to have existing knowledge on UX design before joining. However, we recommend that you do some research before signing up to understand what UX design is and whether this is something you like to commit to learning.

What tools will we be using? 

There are various tools used in UX design, which are mentioned regularly in the design community. Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, Axure are some examples. You may assume that these are the tools you must learn, but in reality, teams choose tools that work best for their workflow and products. 


Regardless of any project you do, you may need to adapt and learn new tools based on what your team needs. 


We regularly consult with design teams from various industries to evaluate essential tools. 

For this project, we have the chosen following:



We will run our weekly Sprint and Feedback sessions using Zoom


Project resources are managed and accessed via Notion


Adobe XD 

For session activities as well as design, prototyping and testing of concepts, we will be using Adobe XD


Between sessions, we encourage participants to share their progress and to get support via Slack


With the continuous growth in technology, new tools are appearing, and it may seem intimidating to stay updated.

However, we will highlight any alternative tools that are used in commercial projects, which we feel you should

be aware of.

Do I need to know the tools used in the project before joining?

No. We don’t expect you to know how to use the tools before joining.  

Throughout the project, we will provide support which includes demoing of tools and some of the features used in sessions.


Please be aware that due to time constraints, we won’t be able to teach you all the tools in depth. We, therefore, highly encourage participants to experiment and explore the tools in their own time.

How does the project work? 

Sprint sessions 

There will be weekly sprint sessions, where our team of facilitators will guide you through the different stages of the project. Each sprint will cover a specific UX design topic, and you will be doing practical activities to demonstrate your learnings in the project. 


Before each session, you will have access to the learning materials in Notion to help you prepare in advance. 


Feedback sessions 

Our feedback sessions will provide you with additional input between Sprint sessions and an opportunity to discuss your progress and get support. 


Stakeholder meetings 

We will have regular meetings with stakeholders to get their feedback and to ensure we align with business requirements. 


Tasks and assignments 

There will be tasks and assignments to help you with the project. Some activities may involve working by yourself, but most require teamwork, which you will need to coordinate with your team.

​​What options do I have if I miss a session?

In case you cannot attend, we recommend the following: 


Team communication 

Get in touch with your team to get updated on progress and identify tasks that need your involvement. 


Watch session recordings 

We record every session and keep these available for four weeks in case you want to review what has been shared. 


Study sprint topics 

Before a session, you will have access to topics covered in each sprint in Notion. These will remain accessible for the duration of the project. 


Message us 

If you have any questions about your project, you can contact us on Slack. 


Feedback sessions 

There will be weekly feedback sessions for participants to share updates and receive feedback from our facilitators.

Can I use this project for my portfolio?

Yes. We encourage you to document your learnings and collect artefacts that demonstrate your thinking. 


Showcasing your approach and ability to solve problems in a commercial project can be an impactful

conversation starter. It can create opportunities to connect with new clients, employers and collaborators. 


Therefore, we recommend all participants to make an effort in documenting your learning experience.

Will I also learn about UI design in this project?

Yes. The user interface of a product plays a vital role in user experience design. Therefore, we will cover the essential building blocks of UI Design for digital applications. 


Keep in mind that designing beautiful user interfaces is a skill that you will acquire over time as it requires regular practice.

If you are more interested in learning UI Design, you may want to consider doing a dedicated UI Design course.

Do I have to sign a contract with the client to do this project?

Joining Project UX does not require signing a contract with UX Playground.

However, as you will get access to the company, sensitive information may require signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). 

Besides, depending on the work produced by you and your team, the company may decide to continue working with you. 

In this case, terms and conditions for any future collaboration with the client can be negotiated after Project UX has finished. 

Will the client use my concepts and if so will I get paid? 

If the client is interested in using your concepts commercially, and with your permission, you will be reimbursed. In this case, you will either get paid, offered employment or any other adequate form of compensation. You will need to negotiate this with the client at the end of Project UX.

What Project UX is and what not!

We put a lot of time and passion into developing this new learning format. We believe that Project UX can help both individuals and participating companies to learn and grow together.

Providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment for professional is at the heart of our mission. 


Project UX is not an opportunity for companies to take advantage of free labour

Our message is clear. Project UX is first and foremost about collaborative learning. Companies’ motivation to participate

is to learn and have a creative exchange with professionals from outside the company. 


For participants, we see great value in the first-hand experience of learning UX design under conditions that reflect and

are close to working on a commercial project. We define a commercial project as a project where a team develops commercially relevant concepts based on a client’s brief. This will take the shape of working with stakeholders, following processes, using tools, meeting deadlines and deliverables.


Project UX does not come with a promise your concepts will be developed into market-ready products

As our goal is to learn UX Design, we do not promise participants that the client will use their concepts and translate

them into market-ready products.

Think of the project as the format to learn and practice real-world conditions. The outcome is a series of concept that provide commercial value and show your capabilities. Whether any concepts will be developed further after the project

will depend on the participant and the client’s interest. 

Participating in Project UX does not mean you will get a job with the client

We refrain from making any promise regarding job opportunities from working with the client on Project UX. 

Whether the relationship will continue after Project UX has ended is in the hands of both participants and the client

However, we know that our projects help to forge relationships that keep growing beyond the project.


Do you provide extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We understand that committing your time to learn something new can be challenging, both mentally and financially. 


To make your learning experience more enjoyable, we will provide:

  • Support for individuals requesting help with online learning. 

  • Flexible payment options to allow you to spread the cost over time. 

  • Guidance on how to conduct research and usability tests safely.

Cancellations and Refunds

For questions on refunds and cancellations, please take a look at our policy outlined in our

Terms of Service.

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