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Project UX

A collaboration with

Whether your expertise is in sales,

marketing, design, strategy, engineering,

or you just graduated, Project UX will help

you acquire practical design skills invaluable

when starting and advancing your career.


About Project UX

Project UX is a unique learning format that brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds
to work together with a client to design new product experiences.

Project UX fills the gap of the traditional UX/UI courses and bootcamps by providing an opportunity to learn and apply

UX design in a commercial project for a real client.

For this project, we have partnered with, Europe's leading spa booking platform. want to collaborate with creative thinkers like yourself, who not only share an interest in wellbeing but also to learn how to design solutions for the platform collaboratively.


At the start of the project, you will be given a brief that outlines the business requirements, which will form the basis for user research. 

In weekly sprint sessions, our facilitators will introduce you to a new topic, covering essential methods, techniques and tools of the UX design framework. The client and stakeholders will join the sessions regularly to provide feedback and share updates.

Each sprint comes with a set of assignments designed to help

you apply what you have learned. 

For the project brief, you will be collaborating with other participants in a small group. Together, you will gain insights into user behaviours, develop ideas, prototype and test your concepts.


Besides the sprint sessions, we offer feedback sessions that allow for teams to share their progress and get guidance and mentoring from our team of industry experienced facilitators.

A real client


Be part of Project UX and learn user experience design by collaborating with a company on a commercial project.  

Acquire practical UX&UI

design skills

Obtain practical experience by applying UX design to develop meaningful product concepts that meet user and business needs. 




Gain the confidence to start a conversation with new collaborators and employers by demonstrating your approach to designing products successfully.




Showcase your work and expand your professional network by sharing your project at a special UX Playground community event.





Max 28

Sprint sessions*

Time: 6pm

Hours: 2h per week (36h total)

Start date

Q1, 2021

Feedback sessions**

Thursday - 6pm

Saturday - 10am

* All times are in the GMT time zone.

** We recommend participants to attend at least
of the feedback sessions per week.


Sprint Overview

Project UX is delivered in sprints, each running for 1-3 weeks. 

Every sprint covers essential UX methods, techniques and tools needed for designing and evaluating product concepts successfully.



We will start with a Kick-off session where you meet the facilitators and everyone on the project. Get to know your teammates better through a playful ice breaker activity and learn more about Project UX and our client 

Introduction to User Experience Design

Sprint 1

Learn about UX design and how to apply the framework to a project. 

Furthermore, we will review the project roadmap and how you can prepare yourself for the sprints.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explain what User Experience Design is and how it is applied to a commercial project

  • List the opportunities that UX design can provide to businesses and users

  • Use the project roadmap to plan for the upcoming sprints

Gathering and Analysing User Data

Sprint 2

Collecting user data to identify pain points and design opportunities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Plan and conduct user-focused research

  • Collect and analyse data

  • Use primary and secondary research to identify user pain points and needs

  • Create a summary highlighting findings and design opportunities.

From Insights to Design Solutions

Sprint 3

Using innovation techniques to develop ideas that meet user needs and business requirements. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Use collaborative ideation techniques to translate research findings into product concepts

  • Synthesise ideas to create more impactful solutions

  • Prioritise and refine ideas using analysis and grouping techniques

The User Journey

Sprint 4

Validating design solutions by creating and testing user journeys. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Define user goals and expectations for the proposed design solution 

  • Use personas to create realistic scenarios and evaluate the impact of your ideas

  • Create storyboards to communicate, test and refine design concepts

Designing the UI

Sprint 5

Translating design solutions into user interfaces. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Convert design solutions into accessible and enjoyable user interfaces 

  • Plan how users will navigate and interact with the product 

  • Create low-fidelity wireframes to determine the layout of content and UI elements

  • Define screen transitions and animations 

  • Run initial tests to identify what works and what needs your attention


the Experience

Sprint 6

Developing low-fidelity interfaces into hi-fidelity prototypes. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Create high-fidelity prototypes and test your concepts with users 

  • Work with design tools to create interactive prototypes collaboratively 

  • Apply interface guidelines to ensure consistency in your prototypes 

  • Refine screen transitions and animations

  • Test prototypes with members of another team to evaluate its impact and refine
    the user experience

Usability Testing

Sprint 7

Gathering feedback and analyse data from user testing. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the relevance of usability testing for a particular design solution 

  • Determine the resources needed to run tests effectively 

  • Plan and organise test sessions with users of your target audience 

  • Collect and analyse test data to measure the impact of your concepts

  • Provide a summary of findings and recommendations

Project Showcase

Sprint 8

We will complete the project with a special online community event. 

To celebrate our achievements, teams will showcase the work they have done in the project. Our facilitators will help teams to prepare and provide guidance on how to

present your work.

Meet your

Facilitators & Mentors

Chakib Labidi

Founder of UX Playground,

UX Consultant

  • LinkedIn

I will share my knowledge of more than

20 years working in the creative industry

to help you learn and grow. I have worked on a wide range of projects across the globe and taught teams how to use UX design, whilst enabling companies to adapt to a user-centred approach. I am excited about the prospect of you joining us and can’t wait for Project UX to start.

Jas Seehra

Product Designer,

  • LinkedIn

As a Product Designer and UX advocate, I have been working with for over 10 years.

As part of the team, I will be sharing my experiences of establishing a UX culture within a company that is new to UX, while providing insights into the day to day challenges and opportunities UX teams and businesses often face.

Natalie Man

UX Designer,

UX Playground

  • LinkedIn

I am a UX Designer with a background in Front-end Development in digital advertising. I will be sharing my experience on working with technical teams when developing viable product solutions.

I will also be managing the technical aspects of the project to ensure everyone has a positive learning experience.

Members' Stories

Discover what members are saying about learning at UX Playground.

Mark Oliver

Creative Director, at CNN

  • LinkedIn

“I recommend the UX Playground courses to

anyone serious about learning true UX Design.

The UX Playground fundamentally changed my view and approach to UX Design. 

"The course gave me a fantastic foundation and understanding of the core UX Design principles. Focusing on the entire process and revealing a much more scientific and systematic approach to understanding user habits, behaviours and insights.


Chakib is an inspirational leader, and his students are always his primary focus. He delivers a unique mix of traditional product design spliced with a contemporary user-centred approach."

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Frequently Asked Questions

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